[Ct-nfb] we blind people need more love, and now you will have it all. A...

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Sat Oct 8 01:38:06 UTC 2011

Good aproach I am sure it will work and you got a lot of stuff comign up so 
 I am sure you wil be flying high soon so keep it going and all will fall 
into  place. Take it easy and talk to you son EG
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As hard as it is to  believe in this high-tech day and age, there is a 
proven no-tech way for each  and every one of us to achieve spiritual, romantic 
and financial success. You  read that right. And it's absolutely guaranteed 
to work for YOU!

I call  it "Lovenergy" and I stumbled upon it myself several years ago when 
my life  was at a low point. You see, I am blind, and I was feeling sorry 
for myself. I  used "Lovenergy" to pull myself out of the pits, avoid suicide 
(which I was  seriously considering), and find the kind of success that 
absolutely turned my  life around.

And now I want to share "Lovenergy" with you ... not for  money or fame, 
but because I want to give back to the Universe that has been  so good to me. 
I'll ask for a small contribution to the cost of producing the  material, 
but I'll refund every last penny of it if Lovenergy doesn't work for  you.

Fair enough? What have you got to lose?

Joe  Tolve
Lovenergy Founder and Pioneer

If interested write, call, _lovenergy at optonline.net_ 
(mailto:lovenergy at optonline.net)   203-355-0919.  You WILL have it  all!  

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