[Ct-nfb] Window-Eyes is No More, How We Got to This Point and What's Next

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat May 27 21:41:56 UTC 2017

While many of us are concerned about competition, and this happened 
somewhat faster then we thought it would, it wasn't a surprise to 
anyone involved in AT.  VFO bought AI Squared a while back, so 
eliminating one screen reader was inevitable.  Also, there is NVDA, 
which is free, and pretty good, so there is still some competition.


p.s.  Narrator continues to improve, and it is free too. My 
prediction is that in 10 years, JAWS will be gone, and I think they 
are just making hay while they can.

At 12:27 PM 5/22/2017, you wrote:
>This is kinda sad actually. Now there's no competition. Window Eyes 
>was the second big main screanreader. So who now will keep FS on 
>their toes? Oh well there's system access. But see that? It took me 
>4 to 5 seconds to remember them. I'd completely forgotten them when 
>I heard this news. Also now people that've been using WE for loads 
>of time now have to learn something new. I'm not against new, but 
>the thing is that it's just been dumped on them just like that. I'm 
>just really disappointed that the number 2 real huge screan reader 
>has been taken out. That there's no one to really keep FS on their toes.

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