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Hi all here is a source that seems to say our statistics are wrong has anyone dealt with this information in the literature?
What is the objective of DisabilityStatistics.org?
The DisabilityStatistics.org web site condenses several data sources into a single,
user-friendly, accessible, Internet resource. It also provides essential background
information on key issues related to disability statistics.
What is the history of DisabilityStatistics.org?
For several years, researchers at Cornell University, with funding from the National
Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research (
), have generated and distributed a large volume of national statistics on the prevalence
of disability and the employment, income, and poverty status of people with disabilities.
These statistics were often calculated over many years, across states, by type of
disability and/or across demographic characteristics. Numerous scientific research
papers, policy briefs, academic journal articles, book chapters, and research summaries
have drawn on these disability statistics. Recently, the demand for additional demographic
and statistical information has grown as a wider audience becomes interested in disability
To meet these needs, researchers at Cornell University designed the DisabilityStatistics.org
web site to make disability statistics and related demographic information available
and accessible to a broad audience via the Internet.
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