[Nfbc-info] Questions Re: NFBC v Target Settlement Checks

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actually, the only ones who need to be concerned as to the time and how they 
spend their money are those on SSI. Those on Social Security Disability or 
retirement do not have to be concerned as this income is not wages. I will 
probably be spending mine on various technology items and paying off credit 
cards that are not providing good rates of interest. The rest will go to 
developing my business activities as a consultant and paralegal.
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> Hi all!
> Did anyone receive a claim denial letter?  I was supposedly sent one 
> around January 1st, but do not think a paper mail version arrived.  I 
> didn't find out about being denied my share of the Target claim until 
> many NFB buddies had received their checks.  I contacted the law  firm, 
> found out about the denial letter, and got everything fixed- up.  My web 
> form had a typo, which caused it to be sorted into the  loser file.  If 
> anyone knows anyone else who was denied, double-check  the reason, and try 
> to fix any problems.  It's worth taking a few  minutes.
> What are people doing with their money?  Since I don't have any  (yet), 
> I'm all ears!
> A friend, who is receiving Section 8 housing assistance, and is on 
> disability benefits after being disabled and blinded in middle-age:   she 
> found out that she has to spend the money within the month.   Since, she 
> lives within her means, she has nothing she needs to buy.   She is 
> planning to go on a cruise, and buy things like new TVs, etc.   It sounds 
> to me like she is wasting her money!  Social Security told  her to spend 
> it, and keep the receipts.  That's what she is trying to  do.
> What are you doing?  Just among us, right!  (No spies on this list  from 
> Social Security, or the IRS, right?)
> Fred Chambers
> VP Beach Cities Chapter
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