[Nfbc-info] Plan of self support

Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 17 14:24:08 UTC 2009

Hi all do we have any experts in PASS in CA anymore?
I have to submit a plan ASAP and not sure what to leave in what to leave out.
I am getting the forms in the mail soon I think I can justify a KNFB reader and trying to figure out how to justify convention expenses etc and how much.
also exploring a possible secondary business but don't know how and or if I can do it.
Probably should put this warning in a separate message.  The rep told me if your on SSI and you got a target check you legally have to report it within ten days.
She also told me SSI doesn't penalize scholarships if they are spent within nine months.
She also  says doing a pass is so easy and says I can use an advocate but don't really need one.
Of course it's my choice and she's sending a list but if an NFB advocate exists much better Because they know how to get things through.
I probably should have done this when I started college but wasn't clear how.
Situation way different than when I did pass before.
So if some one does this let me know if not I'll look at the list.

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