[Nfbc-info] Important Information On SSI/SSP Payments

Jonathan Lyens jonathan at lyens.com
Sun Jun 28 06:51:57 UTC 2009

Fellow Federationists


I wanted to share with you some important information regarding recent
news reports of the state delaying payment of SSI/SSP payments as early
as July. I've had several people ask me about this. I know that there
has been a lack of information out there, and people are understandably


The most important thing to know about this possible delay in payment is


**This will not impact SSI recipient's monthly checks. 


Federal law sets a minimum amount of SSI benefits. Each individual state
is with in its power to offer an additional supplement to this federal
minimum. In California, this added money is known as the "SSP". 


The SSP is what the state is threatening to withhold payment on.
However, this payment goes to the Federal Social Security
Administration, not SSI recipients directly. The Social Security
Administration then disperses a full check to you the recipient - in
California it is comprised of the Federal minimum and the California


The Social Security Administration has stated that even if California
delays this payment, it will honor SSI recipient's full payment on time.
It will consider it a "loan" to the California state government. 


Social Security is required to provide at least a 30 day notice of any
change to your benefits. This is true even with the state's SSP. 


If you have questions about this, please feel free to email me off-list.
I will be happy to help in anyway I can. 


Also, if you are interested in learning more about the "I.O.U.s" that
California is planning to issue, please visit the state Controller's
website. There are other programs that may not be as lucky as the SSP




** Please know that this is not the end of our fight. California's
budget "mess" is far from over. The state legislature is currently in
negotiation about what will be cut! They have $23.4 billion to cut in
order to balance the 2009-2010 budget. It is likely our fight will
continue. I am currently analyzing the list of current proposals for the
budget "chopping block" and how they may impact blind Californians.
Doubtless, I will be calling upon you again very soon to preserve
services for blind Californians. It is our collective voice that makes
us such a powerful movement. 




Jonathan Lyens 


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NFBC Legislative Committee Chairman 


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