[Nfbc-info] quick blogcast

Michael Peterson its_mike at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 29 09:09:48 UTC 2009

Hello GoDaddy suggestions I am also including the national Federation of the blind of California  in this conversation for reasons that will be apparent upon reading my request.
Last night Saturday June 27, I took advantage of a 25% off promotion and enhanced my websites
The big enhancement I added was a feature called quick blogcast. It's a very nice blog great artwork wonderful variety of templates and easy to navigate but the problem I now have is the comments section requires a security code making my blogs inaccessible for blind consumers.
Your tech person informed me that so far as goDaddy is concerned we can read the blog so it's accessible whether we can leave comments or not and that the security code is absolutely necessary to prevent spam.
I informed her that such a disregard for blind consumers recently cost Target millions of dollars but she insists because of security the code requirement could not be changed but that I could send a "suggestion" that you fix my problem.
I can solve the problem by getting a refund and going to another company but generally I like your services and have been a customer for a number of years in fact my hosting has been extended up until 2012.
MySpace had a similar requirement a while back and because of customer concern not blind customers just over all customer concern so far as I can tell they removed the capcha requirement at least for their regular users.  Your security code can not be read by a screen reader, doesn't have voice capcha and at the request of the blog owner, myself can not be made accessible.
Please fix this problem so all consumers can have equal access to my blogs and hopefully the blogs of business and private websites you host besides mine as well.
If you need technical assistance in making your features accessible and at the same time not exposing your users to large amounts of unwanted spam I am sure the National Federation of the blind www.nfb.org would be glad to assist you in accommodating blind persons across the country who in growing numbers are accessing working playing socializing buying and selling on the internet.
GoDaddy has always been a leader in internet hosting and now please continue in that same spirit leading the way in accessability!
God Bless!
Michael Peterson

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