[Nfbc-info] Friends I need your creative suggestions.

Michael Peterson its.mike at att.net
Wed May 5 10:39:56 UTC 2010

    Blind people on the move to happy productive lifes
Not stuck in traditional hopelessness and fear.
For more information
You could cut out the not stuck part but thought it might  work
Attaching ourselves to full and productive lives
we are the blind who lead the blind
for more information

How about a blue and gold magnet maybe two people walking one with a cane 
and the other with a guide dog so we cover all bases.

Or how about a series of "we are the champion magnets featuring blind 
athleetes with medals
Changing what it means to be blind!
Make sure to put an olympic torch on this one along with the photos.
You could also feature star blind people like doctors and lawyers
Or acomplished blind children, everyone loves kids!
 on a magnet with a blue sky and a rocket ascending in to the heavens
Conquering the fear of blindness the final frontier
blind children reaching for tomorro!
If you do a series people try to collect the magnets and maybe remember to 
give that sought after donation.

Another idea is the traditional calendar magnet for 2011 and or 2012
A photo of a group of blind people climbing a mountain
we are the blind making a difference in years to come.
Put a sunrise or a rainbow above them.
If you are trying to recruit
how about a happy blind child petting a cowardly Lion
Blindness isn't a tragedy!
"Don't get stuck in despair!
We can help
for more information
Hope this helps

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> Hello All:
> I am putting together the design for a refrigerator magnet with our 
> contact information.  It will be used in a direct mail campaign.  I need 
> your creativity to help come up with a slogan for our magnets.  We can 
> write as much as we wnat but, the more lettering the smaller the print 
> will become. I would like it to say something about "if you need 
> information about blindness...call or write....
> Let's see what you guys can come up with.  I know one of you out there is 
> just bursting with ideas.  Let's hear them.
> Mary Willows, President
> National Federation of the Blind of California
> mwillows at sbcglobal.net
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