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Mary Willows mwillows at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 8 21:25:54 UTC 2016

Hello All:

I just received this job announcement andthought we should spread the word
far and wide as soon as possible.  So please distribute where appropriate.

Thanks,  Mary Willows


From: Jim Zaniello [mailto:jimz at vettedsolutions.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2016 1:30 PM
To: mwillows at sbcglobal.net
Subject: Seatle Lighthouse for the Blind - President and CEO search


Dear Mary,


Vetted Solutions has been retained to assist the Lighthouse for the Blind,
Inc. in recruiting its next President and CEO. The Lighthouse is a private,
nonprofit social enterprise which has provided employment, support, and
training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with
other disabilities since 1918.


The Lighthouse's philosophy maintains that each employee is provided with
the support necessary for success in the workplace. This includes an
in-house sign language interpreting department, staff mobility instructors
to teach independent travel with a white cane or guide dog, and over 100
computer workstations adapted for use by individuals who are blind.


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the Lighthouse has a budget of
approximately $80 million budget and a philanthropic foundation. The
Lighthouse currently employs over 470 individuals, more than 260 of whom are
blind, DeafBlind, or blind with other disabilities. Lighthouse employees
make aerospace parts, office products, and a myriad of other machined
products for customers such as The Boeing Company and the U.S. federal
government. The Lighthouse operates seven Base Supply Centers which provides
a retail setting for military personnel to purchase products made by people
who are blind. Lighthouse employees also provide managed services like
appointment setting, quality assurance, account reconciliation, and contract
close out.


In addition to providing employment opportunities, The Lighthouse offers a
wide range of programs and services for employees who are blind and
DeafBlind. Computer training classes, braille courses, the acclaimed
DeafBlind Retreat, and DeafBlind community classes as well as a program to
educate elementary school students about blindness are just a few of the
services offered.


The President and CEO reports to the Lighthouse Board of Trustees and has
strategic and overall operational responsibility for the organization,
ensuring positive impact in the community, financial stability, and
organizational sustainability. The President and CEO will ensure that the
Lighthouse's fiscal, operations, marketing and communications, human
resources, technology, and program strategies are effectively implemented
across all segments of the organization.


The successful candidate should have leadership experience at the most
senior level in the private or public sector, and be a visionary leader in
developing, implementing executing and evaluating impactful strategic plans.
Candidates should have a demonstrated track record in successfully building
and maintaining a culture of collaboration and trust among constituencies,
Board of Trustees and staff. Experience in manufacturing and product
production is a plus. The successful candidate is someone who has an
intimate understanding of the world of blindness/DeafBlind/vision loss and
that world's day-to-day challenges, along with gravitas to personally or
closely demonstrate the ability for a blind or DeafBlind person or person
with vision loss to work and highly function in a seeing and hearing world.
As the public face of the Lighthouse, the successful candidate will be
someone with the ability to define and passionately articulate the
organization's mission and work, as well as use ingenuity and critical
thinking to build and strategically grow and organization with often limited
resources and assistance.


The Lighthouse seeks candidates who have strong business acumen and
understanding of the double bottom line, and who demonstrate passion for and
commitment to bettering the world through employment opportunities for
people with blindness, are DeafBlind, or have vision loss with other


Click here to view the full position profile.


Please feel free to share this information with your network and also feel
free to call me with any questions.

Many thanks,


James Zaniello, FASAE

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+1.202.544.4749 Direct

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