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Lonnie Swafford lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org
Thu Mar 18 23:45:25 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone,


As you may be aware, the NFBGL board of directors in cooperation with the
state affiliate have been attempting to work with TARC leadership to improve
the quality of fixed route and para-transit services since November, 2020.
Despite our best efforts, we've been unable to move forward and establish a
partnership with TARC because they have failed to provide responses of any
substantive value over the past 4 months. We have decided to move forward
with a new action plan and your help is needed! We would like to have
updated documentation that we may include in the new plan and we are
providing an opportunity for you to communicate current issues that you're
experiencing while using the fixed route or para-transit services. Issues
may include but is certainly not limited to:


*	Any situation or observed action or inaction by drivers which could
have, or did compromise the safety of you or any passengers on fixed route
and para-transit services
*	Failure of fixed route drivers to allow use of the ADA seating
*	Failure of fixed route drivers to allow use of the front door of the
coach for boarding and disembarking
*	Unprofessional customer service from reservationists
*	Incorrect booking or failure of agents to book rides at all
*	Unavailability of subscription services
*	Failure of drivers to identify requested stops for fixed route
*	Failure of fixed route buses to arrive as scheduled or if a route
was deferred due to insufficient staffing
*	Unprofessional behavior from para-transit personnel including
dispatch, drivers and contractors
*	Failure of drivers to ware personal protective equipment, PPE
*	Failure of drivers to transport passengers for any reason
*	Late arrivals to scheduled appointments including medical,
employment, etc.,
*	Missed pick-ups or no show status given when not warranted and
failure of TARC to overturn this disposition
*	MV drivers or contractors dropping passengers at a destination which
is incorrect and any associated issues when requesting assistance from TARC
*	MV drivers and contractors failing to provide human guide or
otherwise assist passengers to and from the vehicle


Please also include the ramifications you've experienced which are directly
attributable to gaps in service. This may include but is not limited to:


*	Stranded or lost in an unfamiliar location
*	Out of pocket costs when use of other ridesharing services were
*	Disciplinary action from an employer
*	Loss of pay from an employer
*	Missed doctor appointments which has resulted in medical


Please help us close the gaps in service for fixed route and TARC3 for
Greater Louisville by responding to this message and sending it to other
interested parties not subscribed to our listserv. The deadline for
submissions will be Saturday, March 27 at: 11:59 PM, EST. Please send all
communications via email to: president at nfbgl.org
<mailto:president at nfbgl.org> . We ask that you refrain from posting
complaints or issues via the TARC3 Facebook page as it is difficult to
monitor and sort through the various comments, replies, etc. If you would
prefer to discuss a specific issue or have questions, you may contact myself
or a member of the NFBGL board of directors and we'll be glad to provide


Lonnie T. Swafford - President

National Federation of the Blind of Greater Louisville

Phone: (502) 609-2394

Fax: (502) 491-1992

Email: lonnie.swafford at nfbgl.org 


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