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Posont, Donna donnabutterfly50 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 18:37:20 UTC 2019

This announcement includes more detail and also the 2019 schedule is

Thanks and hope to see you Saturday,

Donna Posont

Witnessing Woodpeckers

What woodpeckers will we witness?

When will they migrate or will they?

Why don't woodpeckers get headaches?

Where will we wander while walking to watch them?

How many species might we witness?


All this information and more can be yours if you join us Saturday, January
12, 2019 at the Environmental Interpretive Center at the University of
Michigan-Dearborn at 4901 Evergreen Rd. from 10a m-3p m. Outsied we will
witness woodpeckers in the natural area. Inside we will be learning about
their adaptations for survival like their zygodactyl feet. Lunch will be
served and there is a possibility of making tracks, birdfeeders and maybe
even a small game of Woodpecker Jeopardy. If you have any questions or need
transportation please contact

Donna Posont 313-220-8140 or donnabutterfly50 at gmail.com


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