[Ct-nfb] problems concerning room reservations

Barbara Blejewski barbara.blejewski at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 16 02:29:45 UTC 2011

Hi All, 

Although Terry has brought up important issues, he neglected to mention the miscommunication which can occur when the manager doesn't inform the staff and other managers about issues concerning blindness.  For instance, in previous hotels, which were contracted for state NFB Conventions,    the staff had no idea where the dog  relief areas were located.  Another issue concerns the lack of a surface in the combination bathtub/shower to prevent slipping and injuring oneself.  This type of potential injury can occur to anyone if such surfaces aren't treated correctly.  Either a bathmat or some other type of treatment can remedy this problem.

A Convention Committee should be appointed by the President to provide inservice training to the hotel staff and managers. This committee can also find out about the staff/customer ratio for the Convention.  Example:  how many other group bookings are taking place the same weekend; how many staff are available to handle all of the bookings?  What plan is in place to remedy staff shortages?  Finally, what procedure or policy addresses poor service delivery/breech of contract?  Just a few thoughts to ponder. 

Barb Blejewski

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