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Beth and Lucia educated the hotel about blind concerns and dog guides last
Thursday and you can investigate the hotel independently. Beth 


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Hi All, 


I finally got my reservation a few days ago. I also called the hotel to
inquire if I could be assigned a room next some of my friends within our
chapter. I was told that the room could not be guaranteed until I check in
however, the desk clerk indicated that he would not on the reservation
regarding my request. I also indicated that some of us had guide dogs. He
then stated that dogs would cost a fee of $50.00 and must be under 20
pounds. I quickly corrected him that these were guide dogs and there is no
fee for a guide dog. He then asked is this a blind convention I said that it
was and he stated that there would be no fee for a guide dog. Just for
laughs, I asked if the hotel would provide a relief area and the clerk said
that there would be an area to for us to relieve our dogs. Good for you
Chris for complaining. I won't put up with lousy service as well and just
leave and take a cab home as I live in the area, I could just take a cab
with little expense. All you need to do is take AMTRACK. I have found that
AMTRACK provides great assistance especially when I have to relieve my
former dog. Now I am dog less but hopefully this will change in the near
future. I feel that this convention with respect to the hotel has been
poorly planned in that there firstly have been a committee to sight check
the hotel and that goes for the rooms as well. Beth should have informed
hotel management staff to issue a memo regarding that will be a lot of blind
individuals who will need assistance in the orientation of the bedrooms, how
to use the phone, the TV remote, where the ice machines are, to see if the
staff knew about the no fee policy regarding guide dogs and where the relief
area will be. Much to my chagrin, this has not happened. I am gravely
disturbed regarding how good the service will be and how much education they
will get before we check in. I for one would volunteer with others to
perform in-service training to the staff as to our needs and how to handle
any problems that could arise with courtesy. I hope that I am wrong
regarding my concerns but. I've been in the same type hotel with lousy
service as well and the staff is totally ignorant regarding the needs of the
blind or visually impaired. Oh well, I've said enough so I'll say bye for


Hope to see you at the convention and the hotel works fine again but...



j.hulbert at worldnet.att.net 

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I contacted the hotel we will be staying at during our convention because a
member from The Greater Hartford Chapter was having difficulty making a room
reservation.  Apparently, The Crown Plaza Hotel is now The Ramada Inn Plaza
Hotel. Although the customer service reps. answer the phone with the new
name, the hotel is in the process of switching their computer reservations
system to the new hotel chain.  I was told the change should be completed by
Tuesday evening.  I suggest contacting them on Monday to find out if the
change has been completed earlier than expected.  Hint:  if you press zero,
you will reach a hotel representative more quickly.  If reservations have
already been completed, they should be in the new system.  Nevertheless,
it's a good idea to confirm this information. 


Barb Blejewski  

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